First Thoughts on ToraDora!

Well, I picked up the new anime, ToraDora and it is good but it is not for everybody.

Ryuji Takasu is a 16 year old high school who became self-sufficient due to be not having a father and his mother works later nights as a hostess at a bar. He is trying very hard to get a girlfriend but since he inherited his father's eyes, it makes him look like a delinquent and/or killer. He likes Taiga's friend, Minori.

His eyes strike fear in any ones soul

Taiga Aisaka is a classmate of Ryuji, she is the short tempered tsundere of the series. She comes from a rich family but moves out of home to live on her own. She likes Ryuji's friend, Yusaku.
She is also known as the palmtop tiger

a picture of hostess mom and death gangter dad

His mom is working very hard

She reminds me of a sword wielding tsundere, who could it be?

What ends up happening is that Ryuji promises to be Taiga's servant to help him get with her friend. He will cook for her, clean up after her, and help her get with Yusake.

that's pretty convenient for her that they live right next to each other.

Ryuji has some work to do

I just like that shock face of his

The thing is that this anime is just like Zero no Tsukaima but without the magic and fantasy setting. I'm to predict that Ryuji is going fall for her because they are going spend a lot of time together and that Taiga will fall for him because Ryuji is pretty much taking care of her. I hope that I'm wrong with my prediction and that there is a twist in the end.

she is so tiny

She is like an angel when sleeping

Damn, he is good.

Ryuji is also a great cook

So, are you going to be watching this series this fall season?

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