How to get Exposure in the Blogging World

I have been seeing a lot of new anime blogs pop up and I would like to give the new people some hints on how to get exposure.

I know that this picture has nothing to do with the topic but I like it

Getting exposure the right way:
1) Publish a post every day, It will be hard at first but after a while its going to like a habit. If you don't you will become lazy about it, you will lose readers, and you will end up quitting.

2) Visit and leave comments on other blogs. Other bloggers will take notice of you and they will visit your blog.

3) Have a blogroll. I did a post on this a while back, click here to learn about it.

4) Get a Danny Choo account and be active there. He is the king of anime blogs and he likes to help bloggers get their blogs notice.

Getting exposure the wrong way:
1) Be controversial. writing posts about how one certain anime is the greatest in the world and that everything else suck or how figure collecting is stupid will get a lot of attention.

2) Porn. There is nothing else to say.

3) Trolling or attacking other bloggers. This is a bad idea because many fans of the blogger you attacked will end up flaming you, but at least your getting exposure.

So, are you going to be doing it the right way or the wrong way?

By the way if you have other tips leave a comment below. I will added them to the list and give credit to whoever left the tip.

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