I Have Been Bored Lately

Well this is going to be a personal post today and I think it's better to write about than to keep it bottled up. I have been bored lately with my daily routine and I want to try something different, I picked up smoking cigarettes for 5 minutes. I was always curious with smoking and I gave a try and it was horrible.

I will never smoke again in my lifetime.

I been entertaining myself with various projects since I don't have a job at moment. I made a ring out of a coin the other day and I feel good that I made something like that, if you want to learn how click here. My family has been planning to build a gazebo in the backyard and it is up to me to build it from scratch since they are not going to do it.

This is the ring I made, it looks rough now but I will work on it a little more.

After punishing myself with Naruto, I ended up picking up a good anime to wash out that sour taste in my mouth. That good anime is Azumanga Daioh, I think it's pretty good so far. I have been reorganizing my DVD and manga shelves because for some reason they did not look right at all. I think it's good to keep myself active because I won't end up slugish and it's great do to stuff around the house.

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