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Well, I was cleaning out my room and in the process I found some old stuff that I had forgotten that I still own this stuff. I would like to share with you these old relics from my past.

This is my very first camera, an old SLR Pentax. This camera does not work very well any more and it is hard to find film for it.

I won this about 2 years ago when I use to work at GameStop. My former manager gave it to me when I had the top sales of the month, which is pretty cool of her.

Look who it's signed by

I use to be an avid Yugioh trading card player. It was some much fun playing in tournaments and winning them but then I became bored of winning all the time and I ended up quitting.

These are my eight favorite cards that would always win me the game
I think it is great to find old things from the past because it reminds me of a time when I use to hang out with my friends that I grew up with. I like to look at the past from time to time but I always look forward to the future. Do you tend to hold on to things or do you let go of them with ease?

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