Otaku Cleaning Time

When it comes to cleaning, I'm awesome at it because I like to see everything clean and in its proper order.However, when it comes to dusting, I dislike it because I have to dust every three days.

My tools

For some reason my house becomes very dusty really quickly which is a problem for me because I have allergies and When my allergies are acting up, it's not a pretty sight. I use compressed air and q-tips to clean my electronics.

For bigger furniture, I use this duster

My real problem is this air conditioner duct because it is located right above.............

My Gundam model kits.

It takes me about 3 hours to dust them all because I get entertained by playing around with my model kits.

Look how clean and dust free my Destiny Gundam is

do you enjoy cleaning and dusting or do you find it to be a pain?

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