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I know that people should have there own way to express themselves and the best to express themselves with clothing. The thing is that a lot of people believe that anime fans have a bad sense of style and some of it is true. I have a great sense of style because I like to look presentable and if you would see me, you would not even think that I'm an anime fan. The thing that I kind of hint that I'm anime fan without the "normal" people knowing but anime fans can figure out. I'm going to teach you how you can do that too.

This is what a stereotypical otaku looks like

I have 5 anime t-shirts and I like to wear them, but the ones I buy look like something a trendy graphic designer would make. Lets look at the two shirts below.

The first shirt looks cool and it could even strike up a conversation with a stranger. The second one looks kind of childish and if you are an adult you want to be taking serious, don't wear that shirt.

Every otaku needs a bag to carry their manga, handheld gaming systems, camera, and other things they may own. Lets take a look at the two bags below.

The first bag looks like a bag that a grade school student would use. The second one looks pretty cool and trendy. The interesting thing is that both bags are from the same anime.

About 90% of otaku have anime keychains because how are you going to carry your keys in a convenient matter. Lets look at the two keychains below.

First one look immature and I have people in my college using something like that. It's ok if you are still in high school or a kid(17 and under) to use that type of keychain but now that you are an adult, you have to show people that you are grow up. The second keychain is the one I use and it pretty cool and it hints that I'm a anime fan.

So, did you dress more conservatively or do you go by the beat of your own drum?

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