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I have been a big fan of the Pokemon games series from the beginning and I would like to take you on my brief history with the Pokemon games.

I believe that Pokemon blue and red where the first JRPGs that child around the world played without knowing that it was one. In Japan, the game came out first and then the anime but in the U.S. it was different. The anime first came out to hype the Pokemon franchise and at the right time they released the games and sold over 16 million copies world wide, you can say that the anime was nothing but a commercial. I spend over 100 hours playing this game and it is said that it is one of the best games ever in the series.

One of the biggest awaited sequels in video game history has to be Pokemon gold and silver. This game sold over 14 million copies world wide and in the on the first week it sold 1.4 million copies only in the U.S. This game had so many improvements like for example enhanced color and graphics, great storyline, day/night feature, and a new batch of Pokemon.

When the GameBoy Advance came out, Pokemon ruby and sapphire showed their faces. I like the game but I feel that it is the weakest out of all the games because some of the newer monsters seem to lack creativity and they took away the day/night feature. This game sold around 13 million copies world wide.

The latest game, Pokemon diamond and pearl revived the series and pleased a lot of fans. This game has 493 Pokemon to collect, they brought back the day/night feature, and wifi trading and battling. This game sold over 14.77 million copies world wide and it had 5oo thousand preorders in the U.S. alone. I absolutely like this game for the DS and I managed to clock in over 200 hours of gameplay.

So, which Pokemon game do you like and why?

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