Preorder Figma Shana Black Hair Version!?!?!?

I know so many people who are disappointed that the black haired version of Figma Shana is going to be extremely hard to get because you can only get her by ordering by mail in Dengekiya Magazine March 2009 issue. That is no problem for those who live is the land of the rising sun but everyone else has to end up paying hundreds of dollars in online auctions because Max Factory made a limited amount of these figures. However, I got a secret.

I know that some online anime stores will get this figure but will charge an immense amount of money just like they did with Wonder Fest version of konata but there is one store that has a fair price for her. You can preorder this figure at Play-Asia for the low price of 39.9o.

I know that she is expensive for a Figma but I say it is worth it, just look at that cute face.

So, are you happy that you can get her for that for that cheap price or are you just going to get the flame haired version instead?

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