Worst Anime Store Ever

I really hate this store and I know that hate is a strong word but it is the only word that is suited for my extreme dislike if the store. This is Anime happens to be the worst online store ever and I will tell you why.

About 85% of their DVDs are bootlegs. When I ordered from the a year ago for the first time, I bought the complete series of FLCL(Furi Kuri) and Neon Genesis Evangelion boxset for around 30 U.S. dollars. I was happy when I got them but something did not feel right. First of all, all 6 episode of FLCL are on one DVD and the only opition the they give you is to have Japanese or English dub and cover of the case looks very cheap. The NGE Boxset looks ligit because they use the Japanese boxset and the actual DVD did not have any extras. The quality of these bootlegs look great but that's it.

They ship the orders whenever they feel like it. I order the NGE boxset in August 2007, it arrived January 2008. In the same order, I also bought 2 Eureka Seven keychains and one arrived October 2007 and the other December 2007.

I had a friend that ordered from them and someone stole his credit card information. When he told me, I thought that he was just unlucky but it happened to me as well(thank goodness that my credit card company refunded all of my money). So, as a test I used PayPal to check out and they informed me that someone was they to hack into my account but they stopped whoever it was. I email the store to tell them but they replied saying that was a ton of lies. Now I know why they give "special" discounts if you pay with a credit card not with PayPal.

Have you ever experienced something like this before with any online stores?

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