2008 Winter Anime Season

Well, The new Winter anime season schedule has been reviled to the public and to be honest, it looks good but not great.

I really don't see that many new anime that is appealing to me because some of them are not getting my attention.

I will watch:
Queen's Blade - I heard of the games and I have seen the figures, I should give the anime a chance.
Afro Samurai - I like the original series and I hope that when it comes to America, Samuel L. Jackson does the voice for Afro again.
Kurokami - The plot sounds interesting.

What I may pick up:
Asu no Yoichi - The plot sounds interesting.
Chrome Shelled Regios - I don't know why it got my attention
Z Mazinger - I'm a big fan of Go Nagai's work and Mazinger.
Viper's Creed - It reminds me of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

So, what are you going to watch this winter season?

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