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Every anime fan and otaku have at least one anime poster on their wall. I use to younger, had my walls covered in anime posters but I got older and now I only have a few on my walls. I use just use tape to keep them on my walls because I did not know any better and when I would take them down they would tear, which sucks. However, now I frame my poster but they have to be nice ones.

These posters are located above my desk area.

This poster is my favorite poster, it's from the H-game The Drug That Makes You Dream.

I really like this poster from the anime Shuffle, I got it from Future Anime Magazine.

I have this Bleach poster just to fill some space on my wall, I'm going to end up replacing it with a nicer poster someday.

I have this hot Yoko poster on the other side of my room.

I get most of my posters for magazines because I really don't like buying them but it's nice to get them for free. Below is all of my extra posters that I'm not using, I may give them away or keep them around just in case if I need them someday.

So, do you have anime poster covering your walls and if you do how many?

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