Anime Soundtracks

Everyone knows that every anime series is going to release a soundtrack with the songs of its respected series. I tend to download the songs I like but sometimes I will buy the soundtrack because I really like every single song that appears in the anime.

These are the only soundtracks I physically own

I like soundtracks because when I'm listen to one, I imagine the characters interacting with one another or It can remind me of a great scene from the series. Some soundtracks are absolutely incredible and some can be planning boring.

I have seen the resent trend of the characters albums. Character albums are album that the voice actors sing songs as the character they are portraying. These character albums annoy me a little because the character album will mostly have 4 crappy songs and the image of the character on the front cover and it will sell thousands of copies in least than a week. However, the soundtrack of the series that has beautiful composed music will sell a thousand copies in a year. Maybe the fans are to blame because they buy character albums or the companies that release them for an easy profit but who knows.

So, do you buys anime soundtracks or do you download them from the net?

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