Cobra: The Animation Review

I have been waiting for new Cobra OVA and let me tell you, it's good. Cobra: The Animation is a 4 part OVA that is being released in celebrating of the 30 year anniversary of the manga series, Cobra. This OVA came out in August however, it was Subtitled in early November.

The first thing you will see is Cobra shooting down a couple of thugs who screwed with the wrong guy that night. It is awesome that the guys that Cobra killed are villains from the original 1982 anime series, Space Adventure Cobra.

Women want him and men want to be him

The Cobra girl of the series is Utopia More, She is a scientist who is very close to a scientific breakthrough that involves the shell of a giant snail.

She has some great "assets" to her.

I wonder what he is looking at?

The story begins with Cobra dressed as a priest walking into a museum to steal a rare diamond necklace for the fun of it.

That cop does not suspect a thing.

there is the beautiful necklace that cobra wants to steal.

The bible that Cobra has with him allows him to see the laser grid that is protecting the necklace. How will Cobra get passed that laser grid, will he dance his way to the necklace?

Nope, the bible has the power to repel the lasers.

May the power of Christ repel you

At the same time that Cobra is doing his job, a mysterious space submarine teleports into the museum.

It looks like a magic trick that was done by Criss Angel.

The people that are inside of the submarine are members of the Pirate Guild, the biggest crime syndicate in the universe.

Does he sense danger or just attracts it?

The one who planned the attack is Gipsy Doc, he is after the secret of that ancient shell.

I think that the OVA's art style is the same as the original series which is nice because it seems that they are pleasing the fans but at the same time some frames look a little awkward.
He lost the diamond but got the girl.

By now many of you are thinking "why doesn't Utopia cover herself up?". The thing is that in the future, Women only wear thongs or really short skirts(I call this the Strike Witches Syndrome).

The American flag make a guest appearance in the OVA.

In the future, the news is broadcast in hologram.

Cobra's favorite show is on, Up skirt News.

I really enjoyed watching this OVA because of the action and the nostalgia from when I saw this anime as a child. One thing that did annoy me is that they never side a thing on why so many people are after this shell.

In the next episode, it seems that they brought back Crystal Boy even thou he was killed off early in original anime and manga.

It is nice that they did a reference to the opening to the original series.

I recommend this OVA to anyone who likes to watch a testosterone driven anime from time to time.

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