Fixing Broken Gunpla Parts

The other day, I discovered some broken weapons in my Gunpla Bag. I ended up fixing them and I will show you how I fix my broken Gunpla parts.

The broken weapons you see are Dom's bazooka, Zeta Gundam's beam rifle and RX-178's beam rifle. It is pretty common for a barrel of a beam rifle or a scope of a bazooka to break.

What I also discovered broken was the armor for my CrossBone Gundam. I was actually surprised to find it like that.

What I used to bond the the fractured pieces is Krazy Glue. I use the brush version of the glue because I can control how much glue I can apply to something. WARNING: the smell of this glue is very strong and it will get you dizzy, it is best to use it at a well ventilated area or use a mask.

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the glue to dry.

After the glue is dry, it will end up looking like this. It looks really ugly but there is a way to fix that problem.

With some sand paper, you can just clean it up with no problem. All it needs now is a coat of paint and it is good as new.

So, do you have a different method to fixing broken gunpla parts?

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