Hikkatsu Manga Review

I bought this manga about a year ago as a challenge in a forum. The challenge was to randomly pick up the first volume of any manga at a bookstore and buy it without knowing what it's about. Thank goodness that I picked a short series because when I start reading a manga, I have to finish it.

Hikkatsu was created by Yu Yagami the mind behind the manga series, Those Who Hunt Elves. The story is about this guy called Shota who is trying to fix the world because there are geomagnetic abnormalities that causes all technology to brake down. Shota is trying to perfect the Repair Blow technique, punches and kicks things to fix them which does not work at all. He says that everything has a spot that if it is hit, it can be fixed and he is trying to use this technique to fix the world.

This manga is not going to have a compelling storyline and it is something not to take serious. It is just a simple manga that you would pick up after reading Berserk.

I will that the manga is mediocre as a shounen series and there is no character development.

This manga was published by go! Comi and you can find it at your local bookstore and justmanga.com.

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