M Turk is Awesome

Mechanical Turk(or M turk for short) is something that was develop by Amazon that allows businesses and developers access to workers from around the world to do tasks and jobs when it is convenient to them. Since I still don't have a job, I have been using this and it works.

You must be wondering how does one get paid, well you have option of having the money you earned being transferred to your bank account or Amazon.com gift cards.

On M Turk you can be a worker or a requester. Requesters Are pretty much the ones that set up the jobs(also known as hits) to get done. most of the Requesters are big businesses that want surveys to get done by the public or people that want to spread the word, so they ask the worker to blog about the topic of their choice. Workers are the ones who work on the hits that they are qualified to do.

There is two drawbacks to M Turks, the pay varies from job to job and the work is repetitive. I have seen hits that are a penny each because you have to do the same job over and over again until you get tired. I go for the high paying jobs but they tend to be really difficult. I say give it a try because you may find it to fun.

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