Saint Seiya Manga Review

Saint Seiya is very important to because it happens to be the first anime I watch and the first manga I read. I know you are seeing two titles on the cover of the manga and thing is that Saint Seiya is the true title of this manga but in the U.S. and some Latin American countries it goes by Knights of the Zodiac. Now that I have cleared that up, let me begin my review.

Saint Seiya was released in 1986 and published by Shonen Jump. Six years before the events of the series, 100 orphans from Japan are sent around to diffrrent parts world to become legendary warriors that are known as saints. Saints are the soldiers how are under the command of the Greek Goddess, Athena. These warriors draw their power from the celestial constellations.

The story focuses on one of the saints that goes by the name of Seiya. Seiya is was sent to Greece against his will to become the Pegasus saint. Seven years later, he finally becomes the Pegasus saint and returns back to Japan to find his long loss older sister. As soon he arrived to Japan, he is forced to partake in a tournament against the surviving 9 orphans who became saints. The story starts up little boring but the story really kicks in after the tournament which is good.

The artwork to me is borderline between good and bad. The reason why I say that is because some panels have great detailed artwork but others just suck. Let me say that this manga defies all logic known to man and it does not have a deep storyline with an underline meaning. It is just simple mindless violence that is fun to read from time to time. I recommend this manga to anime fans who like old school anime. This manga is being published in the U.S. by Viz Media and 24 out of the 28 volumes have been released. Will you give this manga a try or pass it up for something else?

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