Single Volumes Vs. Box Sets

I have been noticing a trend with the release of Anime DVDs lately, a lot of new series have been coming out as box sets. However, there are some companies that are still releasing single volume DVDs.

The one company that is releasing box sets left and right is FUNimation. FUNimation has released Fate/Stay Night, Shakugan no Shana, and Zero no Tsukaima as box sets, which is a surprise to me because they could have a larger profit by releasing single volumes. They have been also been releasing box sets of older anime like Air Gear and Yu Yu Hakusho for under $29.99.

here is a random picture of a cute anime girl for those who have A.D.D.

Bandai Entertainment and Viz Media are still releasing single volumes for those who want can't wait 6 months for a box set. I can wait for a box set but if it's a series that I like, I will buy the single volumes. Sometimes it is a lot cheaper to buy the box sets unless you are going to buy the box set for Neon Genesis Evangelion. So, do you buy the single volume DVDs or do you wait for the box set.

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