So Close, But Yet So Far Away

I was looking at my wishes list of the figures I want over at Tsuki-board and it seems that the ones I really want are going to be very hard to find at a reasonable. It's interesting that I could have bought them but I was always saying to myself that I should get it later. I'm going to tell you how close I was to buy these figures.

I think I'm the last Haruhi fan that does not have this figure. I remember that I added this figure to my shopping cart like over 5 times but then I would change my mind and not get it.

I was going to get this figure but every online store I checked was sold out.

I had this figure on my wishlist for over 8 months at and I was finally going to buy her but you should know what happened to them by now.

I actually had this figure in my hands when I was attending at Metrocon and I was going to buy her but I got candy bikini Shana instead.

So, has any thing like that has happened to you before or am I just unlucky?

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