20 Years in Prison for Buying Manga

This story is kind of old but I think I should inform my readers about this story. Christopher Handley is an comic book and manga collector. He bought a manga from Japan and was arrested because during the customs check someone found an "obscene" manga. Now he my face up to 20 years in prison if convicted guilty.

The thing that pissed me off on this story is that Mr. Handley did not visit Japan and came back with the manga in his luggage but he ordered it online from the comfort of his own home. The person in customs that opened Mr. Handley's package should be the one to go to jail because in the U.S. it is a federal crime to opening someones mail that is not yours.

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Mr. Handley should have been protected by the right of free speech. However, he is getting screwed over by section 504 of the PROTECT act which happens to be unconstitutional. If the manga contains underage characters having sex, he is also protected by a law that you can own pornography with minors having sex if the ones having sex are fictional like for example a Kodomo no Jikan adult doujinshi or a hentai with loli characters.

I'm am going to be asking my readers to donate(if they want to) to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund(or CBLDF for short) to help get a lawyer for Mr. Handley. It's interesting that we say we have free speech but it realty it is just limited. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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