Big Figure Wave Coming Through

In the last few days, the manufacturer figure company Wave has unveiled 3 figures that many figure collector are going to enjoy. First up is, Girl of Gannar from the DS RPG Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard. I don't know much of the game this character comes from but I think she looks cute. She will come out in late May of 09 for the price of 4,465 Yen at Hobby Search.

Up next is Yuki Kanade from the H-game, Fortune Arterial. Again, I don't know much of the game she originates from but I will pick up the game for future references. She happens to be the last character from the game to be released by Wave. She in coming out in late June of 09 for the price of 5,225 Yen at Hobby Search.

If you have been collecting the other figures from the game, you can connect them just like in the picture below. I think it is a nice feature that you can unite them.

Last but not least, Chizuru from the anime Kanokon. In my opinion, this happens to be the first Chizuru figure that one can proudly display in front of ones family without getting weird looks because her past figures have made her look like a Playboy Pinup. She will be coming out in late May of 09 from the price of 7,125 Yen at Hobby Search.

I thinking of preordering the Chizuru figure but she is the most expensive of the 3 figures that are being released by Wave. Are you going to Preorder these figures or past them up for something else?

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