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Well, I'm going to be updating a lot of things on my blog that will affect both the readers and I, in very positive ways.

Here is a picture of a cute maid.

Well I'm going to change my banner to something different because I have grown bored with the one I have. I'm going to choose 3 out the 11 banners below and figure out with the power of HTML and Java to get them to cycle when the reader refreshes the page or goes to another page.



Grey scale


I'm going try to get a newer version of my mascot because I'm going to start using it some more. However, I need to get someone to make the newer version of it because the lovely artist who drew it for me has been very busy and I doubt she has the time to draw me a new one.

I have had this little guy since April of this year but I thought up of him 6 years ago.

I'm going to add a new categories to the blog because I would like to expand my horizons due to the fact it is getting hard to think up of topics to write about. I'm going to delete all inactive blogs in my blog roll because it is becoming a waste of space. For an inactive blog to be deleted, it must be inactive for over 6 months. If any one wants to exchange blog links, don't be afraid to ask and if I'm on your blog roll, tell me so I can add you. I should try to get all of these updates done by the end of my vacation.

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