Figure Hunting

I have finally snapped, I have just canceled all of my figure preorders. I had preorders with Hobby Search, Play-Asia, Robert's Anime Corner Store, and Image Anime. I had a combination of over 15 figures that I had preordered. I decided that instead of preordering figures, I will hunt down the figures that have already been released.

I could not find a picture of someone hunting anime figures, so I used this picture of a guy hunting a monster.

To be honest, part of me does not see a reason why I should even preorder figures anymore. The figure is going to come out anyways and it's not like if I don't preorder, I'm never going to get the figure. I have been easily finding all the older figures I have always wanted and much cheaper prices. The only reason why I would ever preorder a figure is to having bragging rights because I got the figure first. I decided to make one big list on Tsuki-board of every figure that I truly wanted and if I find one of those figures, I will buy it. What are your thoughts, do you agree with my crazy idea or I have I finally lost it?

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