Figure Preorder: Three Lovely Gals

Well, I was going to make multiple posts for new figure preorders but I decided to just make one post instead. First up is Nendoroid Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no Jikan, she will be released in April of 2009.

She is so cute that I want to just eat her up.

For those who did not want the black version of this figure, now a white version of her is going to be released in April of 2009.

I like the both versions of this figure but I think a coin flip may help me pick the right one.

The best for last, Louis Gothic Punk Version. My goodness, when I saw this figure I jumped up and preordered her on the spot. She is so cute in that outfit and in that pose, yummy.

She is a must buy for any fan of Louis.

So, which of these three figure are you planning to get?

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