I Really Have to get a New Computer

Last night, I was cleaning the keyboard of my laptop and I discovered something really bad.

If you can see in the picture below, the hinge of my computer was crack which freaked me out.

It gets much worst

The plastic covering of the hinge was destroy and I don't even know how it happened. I treat my laptop if it was a baby and finding something like that is heartbreaking. I used some strong glue to bond it back together but I did not worked.

With further inspection I discovered that the whole hinge cover came apart.

I also found that the corner near the hinge was cracked as well. I have been using this computer for the last 4 years and she(yes, my computer is a she) still runs great but her body cannot take it much longer. I was going to switch to a Macbook but I think it is best for me to stick with PC for now.

I'm going to start saving my money to buy a new computer but it's going to be so hard with all the new figures, anime DVDs, manga coming out. So, what kind of computer do you have?

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