Kannagi Rant

I was really avoiding to make this post because I really don't care that Nagi from Kannagi has an ex-boyfriend but after finding out that the manga is on hiatus, I think it is about time I speak my mind.

First of all, I find the otaku that freaked out that Nagi has an ex-boyfriend are pathetic. So what she had a boyfriend it does not mean that she open her legs for the guy and if she did had sex, so what. Hell, I know girls who had like 4 or 5 ex-boyfriends and they are still virgins. Another thing, she is not real, she in a made up character that someone invented. These otaku are the biggest hypocrites because they are bitching and moaning because Nagi may or may not be a virgin but before that chapter came out, they were ready to line up for hours at Comiket to buy the latest Kannagi adult doujinshi to whack to when they get back to their homes.

Now that I'm done ranting about those otaku who act like morons, I'm turning my rant cannon towards the creator of the Kannagi, Eri Takenashi. It seems that she putting the manga on hiatus because she has falling ill do to the stress of the fans of the series. So what, she is just stressing about a couple of angry man-children who have lost their sense of reality, she has to the the most weak will mangaka in history. what she needs to do is get back up and finish what she started.

I hope that I did not lose readers because of that rant, LOL. What do you think of the whole Kannagi deal?

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