Kanu Unchou Underwear Ver. Preorder

When I was looking at the new preorder list at Hobby Search, I saw the new Kanu Unchou figure and I thought to myself "another Kanu figure, when will it end?" but when I saw her I was shocked because This is one hot figure.

First of all the pose that she is in and the outfit she is wearing is sexy. It is rumored that the figure is a full cast off, meaning that can remove her bra and panties and have her in the buff. In my opinion, her facial expression screams seduction by Kanu.

I don't know why but reminds me of a Victoria Secret underwear model.

I ready mentioned that she is a cast off which is cool because you can change her into a red outfit.

She will be released in February of 2009 and cost 7,410 Yen. So, is she on your preorder list or are you tired of all the Kanu figures that are flooding the market?

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