Looking Back at 2008

Looking back at 2008, it was a pretty great year for me. 2008 was the year that I learned so much about myself. I feel that I should change the world in a positive way by helping the less fortunate but I'm still looking for a way to do that. 2008 was the year that I started blogging which was a good thing because if I was not blogging, I would have felt useless.

What I'm planning to do in 2009:
1) to triple the number of readers that visit my blog daily.
2) start a legitimate anime club.
3) start making new friends.
4) quit being a semi-hikikomori.
5) start working out 7 times a week instead of 3 times a week.
6) restart building Gundam model kits.
7) get a girlfriend, I say why not.
8) plan a trip to Japan
9) restart learning Japanese
10) find a way to make 5 million dollars
11) become the next Danny Choo
12) help a third world country.

That is what I'm planning to do by the end of 2009. So, what are your planning to do in 2009?

One more thing.

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