Member's "News" Rant

This has been annoying me for sometime and I really did not want to write about but I can't take it anymore. I really dislike's member's news section for many reasons and I bet that many people are going to agree with me.

First of all, I have no problem with Danny choo and his great website because he is my blogging hero and I'm aiming to have a blog to be as popular as his someday. When he started the member's news section, it was a great idea because member's of his site can post news that he may not be able to cover. At the start of member's news it was actual new that was important to the otaku community. However, it has gone downhill because nowadays about 95% of member's news is not news. Most of the crap there is "it ma birfday what are you going to get me?", "looks at my collect of _____ so I can feel superior", "I haz found this picture on int3rn3ts and now joo will look at it", and "it my first post here". No one care if it is your first post or you found some anime girl with big tits, that is not f*cking news. The only good stuff in member's news are the figure photo shoots that people do which is cool, news on what is happening in the industry, the scenarios, when people ask for help, and topic's that make people think.

I try my best not to comment in those news sections because it is a waste of my time. In my opinion, if it was not for Danny moderating his website, the member's news would have turned into 4Chan. There is one more thing that annoys me with the community, a lot of people there have a sheep mentality. Evidence of the sheep mentality is when the whole blog mascot deal started. everyone and their mother was showing off a mascots they invented in 5 minutes because everyone else was doing it.

I hope that one day, member's news goes back to the way it was intended to be. So, what are your opinions on member's news?

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