Retrospect on My Christmas

I had a pretty cool Christmas this year, it was a little tiring due to all the cooking I did. I found it funny last night, when everyone that is over the age of 40 tries to show off by listing what their kids have accomplished in life. When it was my mom's turn to show off, it was funny because she said that I was running an internet empire. To me that was funny but a few minutes later, it was not because for some reason what my mom said translates to some people that either I'm a computer wiz that can fix any computer problem or I'm running a porn site. For the rest of the night I had to explain that I have a blog about my fascination on graphic novels(manga), statues(figures), and animated arts(anime).

What I got as a Christmas present was $400 USD because my family does not understand my hobby. I did some online shopping right after that and I order myself some nice goodies that I have had my eye on. I should be getting in the mail a package or two by next week. I donated some of my Christmas money to the child's play charity. So, how was you Christmas this year?

By the way, thanks to every one who wished me a merry Christmas.

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