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The other day I got a Super NES for free. I was out visiting my local thrift store looking for a TV stand, when I saw one of the employees with a box labeled "Nintendo". I asked him if I could check out whats in the box and it was an old Super NES. He said that it was broke but then he said I can have it. When I got home, I hooked it up and it was it was working just fine and at that moment, a flood gate of memories opened.

You are my third Super NES.

I remember getting my first Super NES back in 1995 as a Christmas present. I remember the hours I spent playing Street Fighter 2 trying to beat M. Bison, which I did using Chun-li. My favorite Super NES game was between Yoshi's Island and Mega Man X3. In 1997, something horrible happened, my Super NES died due to a power shortage. three months later, I got a new Super NES but it was the second version of it which was smaller and cool looking. I ended up giving away that Super NES to a younger cousin of mine at was less fortunate than me and my mom notice that kind act of mine and gave me a Playstation.

3 crappy games and Donkey Kong Country came in the box.

I ended up trading in the Super NES for Lunar: Dragon Song at my local video game store, since Gamestop does not take anything game and systems that is older than the sixth video game generation. I know it's a classic video game system but I really don't need one because I already have a Wii and can just download Super NES games from the virtual console.

I'm going to play you after final exams.

So, what are your most happy(or bad) Super NES memories or did you get a Genesis instead?

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