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6 months ago, I wrote about how Viz media was going to release manga boxsets of their most popular series and they are finally out.

I have seem these boxsets in real life and I'm quite impressed on the price, the size, and the design of these boxes. The design of the Bleach box is ok, but the design of the Death Note box is awesome. The price of the boxes may be seen as expensive because The Bleach boxset will $127.49 and the Death Note boxset is going to cost $89.99 at If you buy the first 21 volumes of Bleach separately will spend around $150, you will save adequate amount of money. The Death Note boxset in the other hand, you will only save around a few dollars if you only get the whole series separately without the how to read book.

I have also have seen the big manga books that are 3 volumes in one. These manga books are ok if you don't mind the bulk but I prefer the regular size manga books.

I hope that other manga publishing companies do the same thing because its a good idea to sell manga boxsets. I'm actually thinking of buying the Death Note boxset due to the fact I kind of hate hunting for separate volumes and it is convenience to pick up a completed series all at once. So, what are your thoughts on these manga boxsets?

UPDATE: you can get the Bleach boxset at my anime store for $101.99 and the Death Note boxset for $62.99, I have much cheaper prices than other online stores.

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