Winter Vacation

WOOT!!!!, today I officially start my winter vacation. I'm really happy that for the next 3 and half weeks, I'm free from studying and I can wake up really late.

This is how I feel in the inside right now!

But in reality, this is how it feels in the outside but without the snow.

I already have my vacation planned out, I'm going to:
go on a trip to Miami to visit my friends
catch up with all the anime I have missed
watch Densha Otoko on Crunchyroll
play a lot of video games
practice playing the guitar
re-decorate my room
do some yard work
work on my blog to make it more user friendly
chat on the #teamblue room

I'm going try to make myself busy because I hate doing nothing around the house. So, are you on vacation like me and if yes what are you going to do or are you stuck at work and/or school?

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