Yesterday was a Good Day

Yesterday was a good day for me because of many reasons. How my great day began when I got my grades for my Fall semester. They were pretty good to my surprise due to the fact that I was expecting something bad which is a bad habit that I have done my entire life (should work on that). Then I find a white package in my mailbox that got me by surprise because I have not order anything in a while. I opened it and found the poster that Sam from Squee's Junkyard was giving away, Thanks a lot Sam.

I left home to buy a frame to hang up that awesome movie poster but unfortunate the store I went to did not have frame big enough for that poster. I notice that had a $5 dollars off coupon from Best Buy in my wallet and I bought myself Lucky Star volume 4 for around $16 dollars.

Konata seems happy that I bought it.

When I start writing this post, I heard a weird sound coming from outside and it was coming from that little owl. It is really rare to see an owl in the state of Florida and I was lucky enough to take some pictures of it.

So, have you had a good day like that?

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