C.C. R2 Ver. Photo Shoot

I got this figure about a week ago and I finally did a photo shoot of it. First up, I'm going to review it. This figure has a great pose but it has a lot of things that may annoy other figure collectors. When you get this figure, she is separated in different parts and you have assemble her but you won't need glue since the parts fit just right. C.C. hair has too many visible mishaps and the color is a little ugly because it looks like the hair came off of the mold and it has never painted. I wish that the base had the Code Geass logo on it but it is black and shiny instead. The over all quality of this figure is ok but for the price, this figure is great. Well, let me quit writing now so I can present you all with the photo shoot.

If you are wondering why this picture looks out of focus, that is because I focusing on the reflection of the base instead.

This is the one thing that I don't like about this figure.

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