CES 2009

The Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES began yesterday and it is awesome. CES is an electronic trade show that unveils the newest technology that will hit the market later this year and it's held each January in Las Vegas. It is a trade-only show meaning that it is not opened to the general public. I have been reviewing the coverage of CES at Cnet.com and G4TV.com. Seeing all of this great tech coming out later this year is like porn to me. Out of all the new devices that have been unveiled today, I pick 5 of my favorite.

51-inch Panasonic TC-P54Z1 is 1 inch thick and it is wireless. What Panasonic did it that the TV will include an AV box for all of your HDMI cables. It will transmit a wireless signal to the TV, which mean if you have this TV hanging on your wall, it will look clean and organized.

The 12 megapixel EasyShare Z980 IS camera from Kodak has a 24X zoom lens. Yeah, I said 24X zoom lens. I have not seen the picture quality of this camera yet but I think this camera will stack up with some DSLR cameras that are out in the market. I forgot to mention that this camera also supports 720p HD movie capture. This is one hell of a Camera that Kodak has made.

You do get that the EasyShare Z980 IS, you are going to need an SD card with A LOT of memory. The SD Association has accounced that they are going to release the SDXC and it will have a capacity of 2 TB. This SD card will be able to hold 17,000 high quality pictures, 100 hours of HD movies, and 60 hours of audio recording.

The T-Mobile Shadow is a smartphone manufactured by HTC. This phone will have bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a 2 megapixel camera, and a built in mp3 player. Unfortunately, this phone will be running on Windows Mobile 6.1 and everyone knows that Windows Mobile sucks. By the time this phone comes out, my contract with T-mobile will be over and I'm going to start looking for a new phone.

And talking about phones, LG is coming out with a nice looks watch phone. It will have a touch screen, bluetooth, mp3 player and a camera for video conferencing. I think it is a pretty cool gimmick and it reminds me of a gadget one would see in a James Bond movie.

So, is anyone following CES and the gadgets that are being announced?

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