Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 Duo Review

Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 Duo is about a male high school who enters a magical land and you have to find who is a witch and who is not. To discover who is a witch, you have to touch the girls. Ok, the game is pretty much about how you go to a middle school and molest young loli withes. There are mini games that you have to complete to advance in the story but the main thing is molesting young loli witches. I know this game is really perverted and it is bad to do that kind of stuff to lolis but everyone know that witches have no soul, so it is ok. The game is very text heavy and it is in Japanese. I bought the game because I wanted to get it for a long but it was too expensive until Play-Asia dropped the price and it is great help for those who are learning Japanese. Now, lets look at the extras of the limited edition version of this game.

The game comes in this nice colorful box with all the girls you do "things" to.

It bring two petit nendoroid of Akai and Seika, they are really cute. I'm planning to do a Photo shoot of these two.

A cellphone charm of angel Lulu and devil Kuro

A card of Kureha, when you rub the black dress something magical happens..............

You can reveal her underwear, it's like having x-ray vision.

Seika address book, which you can use as your own.

A CD Rom that contains some more extras. I have not check out the extras yet because I have been very busy with stuff.

oh, and the game. I find it funny that the regular version cost more than the limited version.

What I learned about this game, is that I'm going to hell for the things I had to do in the game. The game may is not for everybody because you have to molest loli witches but if you want to get the extra goodies that comes in the limited edition version of the game then buy it. So, who is going to buy this game?

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