Figure Boxes

This morning I was getting ready for school and I dropped a clothes hanger. When I went to retrieve I discovered something frightening, mold was starting to grow on the figure boxes I had stored away in my closet. I freaked out when I saw that because I'm O.C.D. when it come to cleaning. The reason why I got mold was because of the humidity and the strange weather changes.

So many innocence victims
When I got out of classes, I when to Walmart to buy some mold killing cleaning solutions and some rubber gloves. I use my trusty orange box cutter to cut down the boxes so they will be able to fit in the recycling bin.

I have owned this box cutter for over 6 years. If you have figured it out, orange is my favorite color

These are the boxes cut down, it does not look like much

While I was at Walmart, I got this plastic bin to store important anime related stuff

The whole getting mold growing on figure boxes will only happen if you store the boxes in a damp place and for some reason my closet has a cold draft. So, are you going to check for mold?

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