First Look: Akikan

I really was not going to watch this anime to begin with but I pretty much said screw it. Akikan is one of the new anime of this winter season, I did not know much about it but let me just say this anime is something.

We are introduces to the main character, Kakeru Daichi who is an sixteen year old perverted virgin(he reminds us of that about 3 more times). His hobby is collecting steel and aluminum juice cans.

Just look at that collect of cans he has in a glass case.

He buys this can of melon juice and drinking it after his bath. Something magical is about to happen.

Kakeru's first kiss

The can girl's name is Melon because she is named after the juice she originates from, she is an aluminum can. It is reveled that there are one magical can girl for ever type of metal and they all have to battle until there is one left. The can girl that win will become the official type of metal that will be used to make juice cans in order to save money. If you are wondering, Melon is sort of Tsundere.

A magical juice can that turns into a magical girl has to have a magical attack.

Later we are introduced to the inventor of the akikan elect and intelligence port project, Hidehiko Otoya. He is a self-proclaimed gay man who is into "pretty" young boys and he is interested in Kakeru.

This is Kakeru's childhood friend, Najimi Tenkuji. She is modest, gentle, rich and she secretly loves Kakeru(the reason is revealed in episode 2) . However, she is not like the stereotypical childhood friend character..........................

She is a closet pervert when it comes to thinking about Kakeru

That guy's name is gigolo or something like that, he is not that memorable

The resident lesbian of the show, Yurika Kochikaze. She thinks that she is a witch and loves Najimi. She also considers Kakeru as a rival for Najimi's heart.

It seems that there is going to be a lot of yuri doujinshi at the next Comiket

There is one thing that annoys me about this anime and that would be this anime is exactly same as Sekirei in almost every way. At least the idea of cans turning into cute girls is original. So, who is going to watch this anime?

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