Gunpla Retirement

Today, January 28, 2009, I am retiring from building Gundam model kits. It is not that I lost interest but other things have come up.

I have built 23 model kits in the last 3 years

one of the reasons is that I don't have the time. Since I'm studying all of the time and working on my blog with the only free time I have. It has been over 6 months since I have ever build any type of model kit and I think I have lost some of my model kit building skills. I was going to enter in 2009 BAKUC but time is my biggest factor.

Recently, I have been seeing the price for Gundam model kits go up and it has become ridicules. Before, a new High Grade Universal Century model kit would cost around $20 dollars but now the cheapest new is like around $35 dollars. I can use that money for other things like gasoline for my car and to support my hobby.

I'm going to continue displaying the kits I have build in the past but what may end up happening is that when my figure collect runs out of space, they will be transferred to the shelf and the kits will end up in a box. Someday I may just build Gundam model kit one more time but that time is not now.

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