Hobby Search Figure Bargain Bin

I was writing my next post and I decided to quickly check out Hobby Search. While I was there looking at the new preorder, I don't know why but I ended up clicking on the PVC figure bargain tab. I was shocked by the seeing so many new figures in the bargain bin that I had to stop writing that post to write this one.

Haruhi Beach Side version by Kotobukiya came out last November for the price of 5,800 yen, now it is seeing for 4,059 yen.

Ayase Fuka Swim Suit version by Kaiyodo came out last September for the price of 2,800 yen, now it goes for 1,400 yen. This figure was reduced by 50 percent, WOW.

Haruhi Swim Suit version by Griffon Enterprises came out last November for the price of 6,500 yen, now it is going for 4,225 yen.

Now this figure got me off guard, this is Cat Ear Louise version by Jun Planning that figure came out late December. This figure was originally going for 4,800 yen, now it is going for 3,360 yen

It seems that Hobby Search not making that many sales on these figures so they ended up dropping the price to sell them. The Economic crisis is so bad right now, that new Haruhi figures are not selling out which happens to be very weird. So, who is going to take advantage of these price drops?

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