I'm Freaking Out

oh man, I feel really stupid right about now. I forgot that I start my Spring semester in 2 days and I still don't have my books. I'm actually face palming to my own mistake.

What happened was that I was having so much fun that I ended up forgetting completely until today I saw my old books from my last semester while cleaning out my closet. I ended up ordering my books off of Amazon because my college bookstore sells the books at least 35 percent more than other places. I was thinking of doing express shipping so I can get them in time but the first week of classes the professors do not do a thing until the following week.

I just notice that college is not for everyone because the first 2 weeks the class rooms are jam packed with over 40 students. Then after those 2 weeks the number of students drop to 25. By the end the last 2 weeks of the semester the number of students drop to about 15. In my first semester of college, in one of my classes the number of students dropped to 5. I thinking to myself why do these people even bother to enroll and pay tuition when they are just going to give up. I attend college because I want a great future for myself. Hopefully, this is a lesson that I have learned and that lesson is buy my book early.

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