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This post is Team Blue related. Recently, regional leaders have been appointed by the banchou Panther. The job of the regional leader is pretty much to establish a friendly relationship with the members of their assigned region, look out after them, and answer any question they may have. The regions are Europe, Asia & Australia, Singapore group 1, Singapore group 2, and North Americas(U.S. and Canada). Guess who is the regional leader for the North Americas?

From now on I'm going to be making posts on any Team Blue news on my blog.

If you don't know which regional group you belong to, there is a list below:

Asia & Australasia - Chong
Members - Yitza (MIA?), Dead Snake, Kona, Haruji, Tflops, Thingle, chidori3souske, Samejima

Europe - Blowfish
Members - Tami, Najica, Gargron, MrVegas (MIA)

North Americas - Otaku Dan(ME)
Members - Gubinodo (Inactive), ClearTranquil, LittleNeko, Orange, Persocom, Dancing Queen, LovelyDuckie, Lsio, Yamcha, Daichou, 7

Singapore Group 1 - Fariz Asuka
Members - AC (MIA), NoisyLittleGirl (MIA), Cube (MIA), NanoPulp, TheFuzzy, Scorio, Hirito, Sabar, TC, Kenny (MIA), Biggu Gai, Kazearashi, Hanif, Squee, Gordon

Singapore Group 2 - Malzias
Members - CK, Yumeno, Revolemina, Impz, Feidamu, Marianto, YuKi-To, Silencer, AK, Moon Reader (in Taiwan currently), Vaken (inactive), Saya (MIA), Wcloudxkumo, Chibihien

If you are in my region, please drop me an email so I can get your email address. For those who are interested, Team Blue is starting to recruit new members. just visit, the Team Blue website for more information. Sorry for the short post day but I needed to get this information out.

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