Japanese Idols

Japanese idols are female media personalities in their teens and early twenties who are considered to be pretty and/or cute. They will appear in J-pop groups, magazine spreads, advertisement, TV, and other media outlets. These idols will be famous for about several months to a few years. The life of an idol may be seen as fun but there is a dark side to it.

The only way an idol can remain popular is if she remains beautiful but with time, she will end up aging and be cast away into the shadows and become a distant memory. Some idols are not willing to give up that lifestyle that they have become accustom to and they are going to do one of 2 things, become a hostess or an AV idol. For those who don't know, AV idol stands for adult video idol or porn star for short.

There is another thing that I don't like about the Japanese idol culture is that the idols are becoming younger every year. Nowadays, the average age new idol is 12 years old, which in my opinion wrong. However, I read a while back on Sankaku Complex about the youngest female idol who is at the tender age of 6 years old. I find that disturbing in many levels and the parents of that child should be sent to jail for exploiting a minor.

She should be playing with her friends, not posing for a camera.

Not all idols end up with with such horrible lives, some actually go to college and get real jobs. At the end of everything, I really still don't know much of the idol thing in Japan, it must a cultural thing. So, what are you opinions of the Japanese idol culture?

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