Looking Back at My First Figure

Yesterday, I was throwing away all of the invoices from the orders I made last year and watching 007: Octopussy(it's a good film) at the same time. I stumbled upon one invoice that gave me a big smile, it was the invoice that contained the order of my first female figure I have ever ordered. That Figure was Fraulein Rei Ayanami.

I remember the day I made the order, I was looking for right figure that should be my first. I found out the Revoltech came out with a new line of female figures and the first figure that came out was Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I bought her from Image Anime and then I waited for her.

The day she arrived I was having a really bad day. When I got home after classes, I see this package on my door step addressed to me. I opened up that package and I saw her, my day changed for the better in an instant.

For the rest of this post I made a mini photo shoot of this figure because the first one I did, SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!

So, what was your first female figure?

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