Manga Fans Have it Easy

Manga fans have it easy in the whole otaku fandom. Manga books is cheaper than anime DVDs, there are a lot more manga series than anime series that one can choose from, and it is better for the development of one's mind.

This is my current manga collection, I have 91 books right now.

collecting manga is a lot cheaper than collecting DVDs. The average price of a single volume of a manga will cost between $7.95 to $13.95, while anime DVDs will cost $25.00 and up. With $100.00 dollars I can buy about 12 manga volumes or 4 anime DVD volumes.

There is a much larger selection of manga series compared to anime and it is a lot more accessible. The ratio manga to anime is 10:4, There are so many manga series flooding the market that ideas that you will always find something that you will like. There are series that have both an anime and a manga but somethings the complete anime won't be released in its entirety like for example, only the first arc of Saint Seiya came out in the U.S. but the manga only has 5 volumes are left before it ends.

Manga is actually good for you. I have friends who hate reading books but if you throw a manga at their direction, they will beg for more. You must be thinking that these friends I'm talking about are anime fans but They are not, they dislike anime but manga will draw them in. When you are reading you are exercising your brain and that is a good thing, however went watching anime you are just sitting down with a blank expression on your face.

WOW, I must really like manga maybe I should change the title of my blog to, Otaku Dan: The Life of a Manga Fan, lol. So, what do you think of manga?

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