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I finally bought my first issues of Megami Magazine. For those who don't know, Megami Magazine is a Japanese monthly magazine that focuses on cute female anime and video game characters. It is also known for having a ton of posters each month and a mega poster. I have been meaning to pick up an issue of this magazine but I was always putting it off, I would forget and it sold out, or I found it other site for an expensive price.

Most Anime fans that that don't know the Japanese language but they still get this magazine, they do it for the posters. When I opened up the magazine, I was surprised by the number of posters that came in it, 10 double sided posters.

I was to lazy to take pictures of of each poster individually, if you want to see them, visit dis-JoinTed Zone for that.

This is the Mega poster for this month, the girls of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS on one side

On the other side it is the girls from Code Geass, they look hot

I ended up replacing This Bleach poster with something sexy, good bye Ichigo
Hello Taiga and Ami, yummy

So, do you buy Megami Magazine every month or are you planning to get one soon?

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