My Haters

For some reason I have been getting a lot of hate from people for no reason. So, I decided to make a post just for my haters, I hope everyone enjoys.

These people hate me are showing their hate by leaving ignorant comments and nasty emails but in reality they are doing me a BIG favor. They are helping me to keep me motivated in making my blog into one of the greatest anime/otaku blogs in the world. I figured out why these people hate me, it is because they know that if they try to make a blog, it will never be as successful as mine or they are just morons who have nothing better to do.

Before I end this post, I have a little message for my haters. Below I quoted the verse from the song Brand New by Kanye West but with an Otaku Dan twist to it.

They say your attitude determines your latitude
I'm high as a motherf*cker - fly as a motherf*cker
And still the motherf*cker you love to hate
But can't - because everyone loves what I make
Now ain't - that about a bitch
And I'm going to be writing posts until I'm out of ideas
They don't want to turn their computers on, they claim I ain't otaku enough
All that talking, I feed off of - keep it up
I'm relaxin' my feet is up - I'm leavin' you haters
Like when Simon left the underground just to "drill" it up

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