Nendoroid Akai and Seike Photo Shoot

These are the nendoroid netit Akai and Seike figures that come as an extra for the Nintendo DS game, Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 Duo. The one with the pink hair is Akai from the original Dokidoki game and the one with the blue hair is Seike from the sequel. These nendoroids are a little hard to get due to the fact that you would have to dish out $95.00 dollars to get it, unless you buy the game at Play-Asia.

First up is Akai

For a nendoroid petit, she has big boobs.

Now it is Seike's turn

The overall detail of these figures is pretty good.

Double nendoroid pantsu shot!!!!!

This photo shoot was a little short due to the fact that there is not much to a nendoroid petit figure. I hope you enjoyed this photo shoot.

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