New vs. Used: Anime DVDs

During these hard economic times, buying anime DVDs has become expensive. I use to buy new anime DVDs when a new release of an anime that I like but after sometime, I have stopped. I decided to buy used anime DVDs from now on.

These are all the used anime I currently own.

I had this revelation today while I was surfing around I was looking for Lucky Star volume 5 and they had it for $22.49 USD and I saw something in a box titled "more buying choices". I clicked it and it gave me a list of of different prices, from lowest to highest. The lowest price for Lucky Star volume 5 was $14.98 USD but it is used. I can pretty much save $7.51 USD if I get it used. You must be thinking to "well, you are pretty much going to pay $22 dollar after adding shipping", the good thing is that Amazon shipping rate is $2.98 USD. Right now while I'm writing this post, I'm buying Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer used for $4.00 USD. If I was to buy that movie new, I would have been paying $30.00 USD.

From now on I'm buying all of my anime DVDs from Amazon to see if I can get a good deal. I also saw that the Fate/Stay Night complete collection for $62.99 but after clicking MBC, lowest price is $43.37 USD and it's new. So, do you buy anime DVDs used or do you prefer to get it brand spanking new?

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